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Check-In- Hotel management system (HMS) or Property Management system (PMS) is a cloud based, feature rich and robust hotel ERP. With Check-In you enjoy one of the most complete property management software. With Check-In you get many benefits like swift service, better staff productivity, cost control and a sharp increase in profits.

This customizable integrated system is designed to manage all the operations of the hotel, such as Room Billing, Banquet Billing, Guest details, Guest history, reservations, Inventory management, Store management, Revenue management, Administration, GST management etc. All on the go. Helps you to implement simplified flow of operations at your hotel. A single dashboard with multiple integrations and tools for better management.

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How it Works ?

Hotel Management Software for Forward-Thinking Hoteliers

We provide easy and practical solutions to common problems in day to day running of hotels. Our hotel software that provides total control over the entire operations of the hotel is programmed to make life comfortable for the guests and easier for the hoteliers.

Check-In eliminates the risk of loss of paper files and saves the huge time taken for manual processes. Every data will be readily available with a mouse click. Our advanced search options which filters data as per the required criteria and returns quick accurate results. Check-In safekeeps all guest records, invoice, payment details thereby ensuring continuity in guest visits.

Enables fast & easy check in & check out procedure also handling individual and group bookings becomes trouble free. Once the guest Checked in, then every aspect of that guest could be managed and tracked with our software like food bills, complimentary services, software like food bills, complimentary services, taxi bills, laundry bills, advances, part payments etc.

Why Check-In ?

No matter your hotel’s size, Check-In gives you the tools you need to stay competitive in an ever-shifting market. We provide technology to manage and streamline all aspects of your hotel – right from enquiry to accounting. we provide the systems necessary for you to run and monitor your business in real time. Manage guests on a single dashboard to simplify operations.

Words that are commonly used to describe Check-In software: "Simple" and "easy-to-use." Get your staff up and running seamlessly.

  • Appointment Management
  • Consultation & Billing
  • Patients Treatment History
  • Patients Follow up Management
  • User Management
  • Prescription Management
  • Pharmacy Stock & Billing
  • Lab Billing
  • Daily/Monthly Business Reports
  • GST Reports
  • SMS Alerts
  • and more..





Benefits of implementing Medica hospital management system

HMS is essential for all healthcare establishments, be it hospitals, nursing homes, health clinics, rehabilitation centres, dental clinic, skin clinic, dispensaries or other clinics.

Appointment Management

  • Avoid Long queue and save time
  • Manage cousultations as per doctor availability
  • Provides appointment confirmation via SMS alerts

Usertype Based Access Control

  • Assign different user types to access diffrent data
  • Bill edit/cancellation is allowed to admin users ony
  • Prevent data manipulations by unauthorized users
  • Track userwise bills and entries

Effective Revenue Management

  • Daily/monthly reports helps to easily analyse business
  • Can easily track & manage consumables expenses
  • Simplifies auditing process

Inventory & Consumables Management

  • Easily manage stock for sale & consumables
  • Get low stock alerts
  • Easily Manage Suppliers
  • Generate Stock & Sale Report Easily

Helps effective marketing

  • Get track of enquires and convert to business
  • Get alerts of next patient followup due dates

Running Cost Reduction

  • Helps to avoid paper files
  • No need to keep hardcopy of bills
  • Digital documents management available.

Data Accuracy

  • Avoid Human Calculation Errors
  • No need to keep hardcopy of invoices
  • Digital documents upload & management available.

Data Privacy

  • Helps to keep patient records private
  • Role based access controls unauthrorized access to data
  • Digital documents management available.

Medica safekeeps all medical records of patients, thereby ensuring continuity in one’s healthcare. This eliminates the risk of loss of paper report and the added trouble in undertaking the test once more. Electronic Medical Records store test reports, prescriptions and all other medical data and keep patient’s medical records updated. This provides a space where the patient can be assured about safety of their personal data.

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